no more

did you see it?

you were so busy watching yourself that I think you missed it

could you feel it?

you were so busy feeling her, I don’t think you felt it

did you hear it?

you were so busy talking, you forgot to listen for anything

So do you know? What happened?

I stopped.

I stopped listening to

I just, stopped

I stopped caring about

I finally stopped

I stopped
all of you

it felt like the warm morning sun burning off last night’s frost

it sounded like the aboriginal drums of war, steady and strong

it was a bright flash in the frying pan, big and then a light and dangerous sizzle

As for you,

You should watch out for yourself now, because no one else is going to do it for you anymore

You should listen, because one day everyone is going to stop listening to you

You should try to feel something besides her, because she is dirty and temporary

But as for me

I stopped.

I am done.

I am good.

And I am gone.