storm coming

a word to my significant other,

stop, just stop all of this

it isn’t me but you that’s been dismissed

I see your lips moving

But your lies aren’t improving

I have this rage, this rage that is built up in me

You decide where we go from here… what’s it gonna be?

Stop, just stop all of this

All the drama, no I don’t want to reminisce,

This first love, last love, only love shit

Today I realized you’re completely counterfeit,

You got more shade than a big shady tree

You’re in the driver’s seat now, right? What’s it gonna be?

All those lies they broke all your teeth out,

Your heart is like a faded 1990s porn buyout

Cheap, bad and about to be deleted,

And one day, everything that’s yours will be depleted,

I’m living everyday trying to give you the third degree,

But you still control this shit, I guess. What’s it gonna be?

I look left and I look right before stepping into traffic,

But somehow you always hit me with something geographic,

Words, anger spewing out like water from a fire hydrant,

Why do you always have to be so violent, and here I am still broken and silent,

Everyday I say a prayer to the devil to be set free,

But only you can end this… what’s it gonna be?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash