letter to my son

To my beautiful son,

You are my world. You are the most beautiful, amazing boy.

And I love you so much. So very much.

You are kind. And tender hearted. And I hope you always keep that. Always love your family and always take for all of God’s animals and especially your puppy dogs that love you so much!

The kindness you hold within you is a kindness that makes your Mommy so proud of you.

Always got to church. You have a million blessings every day, starting with waking up with the breath God breathes into your body. You can give him an hour on Sundays to thank him for the life he has given you.

Remember that God doesn’t give us what we can handle. He helps us handle what we are given.

Remember that our tomorrows are never promised. We do not know the plans God has for us, but we must trust that there is a purpose and plan for everything. Don’t let the little things get you down. Keep your head up and your feet grounded. There’s so much in this world that isn’t worth our tears.

You are special and made for big things in this world. Stay true to yourself and God and your loved ones. Stay humble and kind, work hard and you will succeed at whatever you set out to do. But always be honest with yourself about what real success is; don’t lose sight of what is important. It isn’t always about the job or the money.

From the day you started growing inside me I have loved you so much. Since the day you were born I have held you in my arms and whispered to you how much I love you. My dear beautiful baby boy, I will always love you, no matter where I am or where you are or what we are doing.

I will always love you so much, no matter what. No matter what you do or mistakes you make, or heartbreak you feel or challenges you face, I will always be here to love you and help you and support you and give you whatever I can.

Always love big but cautiously.
Always be tender but tough.
Always be kind but firm.
Always be humble yet confident in yourself.
Always be giving but don’t give too much of yourself.
Always be honest even if it is hard.
Always know love by itself doesn’t include loyalty and respect. They are three different things. You must give all three to your loved ones. But never forget that you deserve to be given all three of them as well.

I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back, forever.